Announcing BAGA Bylaws Task Force


Dear Community Members:

In continuation of our effort to review BAGA Bylaws and to evaluate
the need for any possible amendment, we are happy to announce the
formation of BAGA Bylaws Task Force comprising of the following
interested community members:

Matiur Rahman
Jubayer Ahmed
Galib Hassan
Tuhin Mahmud
Mir Azam
Tasnim Hossain
Esrar Choudhury
Nasim Uddin
Syed R. Rana - Coordinator

We have received a number of suggestions and concerns to improve the
BAGA bylaws in the last few months. Bylaws Task Force will be given
all the suggestions and concerns we received so far.
Bylaws Task Force will evaluate all the suggestions/concerns and
recommend a list of possible amendments alongwith the proposed text
to the BAGA BOD. BAGA BOD may then decide if it wants to start an
amendment process and the set of amendments that it wants to make to
the bylaws. Please note that any member can drive his/her own

Should BAGA BOD decide to drive an amendment process, it will form an
Amendment Committee (per Article XIII, section 2 of BAGA bylaws)
which will be responsible to finalize amendment text, drive the
amendment process and amendment polling.

Our bylaws is a living document and through its prescribed process
for amendments, it will evolve with our evolving community.
Amendments, if deemed necessary, make a bylaws stronger and relevant.

We encourage all interested members to join this process. Please
review BAGA bylaws (
and send your suggestions/comments to

BAGA Helpline: 402 8036