Cyclone SIDR Fund Raising and Relief Effort



Dear Bangladeshi Community Members,

Cyclone SIDR has come and gone but has left a huge scar in along our coastal belt.  As the loss of lives continue to climb, the preliminary pictures of the economical destruction is unfathomable.  After a severe flood this year, Cyclone SIDR has further destroyed the hopes and dreams of millions of people who were trying to recoup from the flood damages.  Our brothers and sisters afflicted by SIDR needs our immediate help at this critical time of their lives.  There is shortage of food, shelter and above all financial support for these people to get back to normal lives.


Dear Members, in order to raise funds to help the Cyclone SIDR victims, BAGA will initiate a two-week fund raise drive beginning December 1, 2007.  We will conclude our fund raise drive at the Bijoy Dibosh celebrations to be held on Saturday December 15, 2007.  BAGA BOD requests you to generously donate so that millions of lives can be helped.  Our small contribution will go a long way in helping the affected people.  Please feel free to contact the following people with your donations/pledges. 


Nasim Uddin 512-922-8725

Syed R. Rahman Rana 512-659-4608

Syed Kaiser Ronnie 512-289-4250

Rashed Islam 512-586-8309


We appreciate your kind consideration for this cause.

Please feel free to contact any of the BAGA Directors if you have any questions or need additional information.




BAGA Helpline: 512-402-8036