Bangladesh Embassy Website Launched


Dear Members of the Community:

BAGA BODs are happy to announce the launching of the new website of
Bangladesh Embassy of Washington, DC. The site is located at: . This new site has been designed by Mr.
Hussain Touhid of San Antonio, Texas. Project management and
implementation has been done by BAGA Infrastructure Committee members
in cooperation with Mr. Touhid. Please note the following Embassy

BAGA BODs would like to extend sincere gratitude to Mr. Hussain
Touhid for his volunteerism and devotion to the project. We also
thank Tahsin Askar and Afsar Zaman (Kochi) for various contributions.

BAGA Infrastructure Committee is fully committed to continued
maintenance of the Embassy website until such time that the Embassy
staff is able to take care of this responsibility themselves. We
shall assist them with necessary learning support and perform
improvements in the meantime. Please provide any comments or feedback
on this site to

Helpline: 402-8036