BAGA 2007 Election Result

Dear Community Members,

Thank you  Greater Austin Bangladeshi Community members for your
dedication, time & effort to come and vote for the 2007 BAGA BOD 
Election and BY-LAWS Referendum of Bangladesh Association.

We, the Election Commission (EC), would like to thank each and 
every one of you and  hope for your continued support. 
There were 380 ballots cast. Each and every ballot was counted 
and verified by EC members and observed by 6 independent observers
from the community.

Here is the election result:

Total number of ballots = 380
Number of rejected ballots = 0


           YES   = 341               NO  =  24

BAGA BOD ELECTION Result is as follows:

1. Mr.  Syed R Rahman (Rana)              294 votes
2. Mr.  Khaled Hasan Matin (Jony)         284 votes
2. Mr.  Quamrul Mina                      284 votes
4. Mr.  Tahsin Askar                      273 votes
5. Mr.  Sultan Ahmed                      263 votes
6. Mr.  Nasim Uddin                       233 votes
7. Mr.  Tuhin Sarwar (Tuhin)              232 votes
8. Mr.  Rashed Tanveer Islam              231 votes
9. Mrs. Natalie Hossain                   225 votes
10.Mr.  Syed Kaiser (Ronnie)              224 votes
11.Mr.  Rabiul Islam                      220 votes
12.Mr.  Pinak - Ibrahim Khalil Al-Zayad   199 votes
13.Mr.  Ruhul Ahmed (Babu)                184 votes
14.Mr.  Mohammed Hasan Taufique (Sohel)   162 votes
15.Mr.  Marshall M.Hussain                113 votes

Special thanks to our community observers and volunteers (listed
below) who spent long hours with us during the counting process to
ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the result.

Community Observers:

Mr. Ashfaq Hossain
Mr. Ehsanul  Huq
Mr. Manzoorul Hasan Anjan
Mr. Mozammel Hossain
Mrs. Nadira Kabir
Mr. Wasi Ahmed


Mr. Afsar Zaman (Kochi)
Mr. Ali Erteza Khan (Tulu)
Mr. Galib Hasan
Mr. Iftekar Rahman (Murad)
Mrs. Lima Islam 
Mr. Masud Khandker
Mr. Mohammed Farook (Nipu)
Mr. Mustafa Jamil
Mrs. Sumaiya Zaman (Monami)
Mr. Tuhin Mahmud

Election Commission