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There are no dues to be a member of BAGA, you just need to add yourself to our member database. Please use the following web app to first check if your email is already in our database, and if not, use the second form (Membership Form) to send us your information to become BAGA members.

You can also connect with us through our Facebook Profile, Page, and Group. The group is the best way for connecting with other BAGA members, while the profile and page are great for keeping in touch with the BAGA leadership.


BAGA maintains an email group that BAGA leadership uses to communicate with members about important community news, events, etc. Members can use the email group to communicate with each other as well. When you become a BAGA member, you have the option to join the Email Group. Please see below for our official Email Policy (details for what posts are allowed and what posts are not allowed). Note: these same rules apply to posting on the Facebook group.

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